Born in Verona in 1979. I am a multifaceted artist working with photography, painting, and installations. My work has been shown in numerous galleries, museums, and international art fairs. I lived abroad for many years in Ireland and the United States and from these experiences I took from the best aspects these countries have to offer in order to bring them to my country and develop them. I collaborate with researchers, Italian and American universities, economists, and journalists and I have worked for numerous companies in Italy and abroad to express their soul and their core values by way of my works of art. Since few years I have been fascinated by the shape of the spring and I am now creating various installations commissioned by public cultural institutions as well as private companies in Italy and abroad. Last September 2016 I have created a site-specific project for the sixteenth-century Loggia at the Giureconsulti Palace in Milano. The spiral, a shape which has now become distinctive of my work and which represents an archetype in many cultures, is attributed a symbolic value, which not only refers to the cycle of life and also the ascent toward the spiritual. The conceptual aspect is my interest in combining a focus on installation withinin the enviroment. The springs, the lightweight aluminium and plastic sheets, both flexible and mobile, are in fact, creating an on-going dialogue with the space that surrounds them, offering new ways for the public to observe and enjoy the installation.

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